The Irish Times and Eason Book Club

Eason BookbindThe Irish Times and Eason Bookbind book club offer is back for Spring 2014.

Each week an award-winning, popular or critically acclaimed book will feature as part of this offer with a saving of at least 50 per cent on the RRP cover price when you buy the book with a copy of The Irish Times. Please check The Irish Times  books section regularly for details of the latest book on offer.

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The Infatuations This week's book: 
The Infatuations  by Javier Marías
Available from Saturday 15th March -
Friday 21st March
"The last time I saw Miguel Desvern . . ." The Infatuations begins, introducing the character who appears to be the important one, the focus of desire suggested by the novel’s title. But by the final chapter Miguel is no more. Laid to rest would be a kind way of putting it. But really he’s been vanished, erased, replaced. He has been murdered, that’s true, and we know this almost from the first page. But the how and the why of the murder are less urgent than the process, no less brutal, of his erasure. Desvern’s murder presents a mystery in conventional thriller mode. But Javier Marías is less interested in the solving of it than he is in working out what his death must mean, for the defunct as well as for the people around him who go on living.
As his narrator, María, insists time and again, she is not a detective. She works in a publishing house, but what she is, above all, is a philosopher. Relentlessly, she speculates on existence, love and the implications for both of death and the passage of time...
...[Marías] is an intriguing, deeply European writer. But what makes him exciting is not just his way of seeing but his way of writing. María’s ruminations – hypnotic, banal and profound by turns – open up, in the spirit of Joyce, a sense of new possibilities.

Read Anne Haverty's full review of The Infatuations which appeared in The Irish Times 17 October, 2013 here.

Rescue Next week's book: 
Rescue  by Anita Shreve
Available from Saturday 22nd March -
Friday 28th March
Is love always worth saving - no matter what the cost? The car crash should have killed her. But rookie paramedic Peter Webster takes the emergency call, and helps the young woman, Sheila Arsenault, to survive. After the accident, she haunts his thoughts, despite his misgivings about getting involved with a patient. Soon he is embroiled in an intense love affair and in Sheila's troubled life. Eighteen years later, Sheila is long gone and Peter is raising their daughter, Rowan, alone. But Rowan is veering dangerously off course and for the first time in their quiet life together Peter fears for her future. He seeks out the only person who may be able to help Rowan, although Sheila's return is sure to unleash all the questions Peter has been carefully keeping at bay: Why would a mother leave her family? How did the marriage of two people in love unravel?

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